Installation gallery

2012 Golf R with Zenec 2011D NAV.
We have just installed the first of the new Zenec NC2011D in-dash Multi-Media systems into this new Volkswagen Golf R. We have been installing Zenec units for a while now and they have always been fantastic quality and well featured..... the new 2011D has just set the new benchmark. Everything just works! Mutifunction display, Air Con display, Optical Park Sensor display, Reverse Camera, everything! One of the ground breaking features of this machine is the in-built dual phantom powered tuner. Anyone who has installed an aftermarket unit into a VW knows the dramas with radio reception, well with the 2011D, the factory antenna simply plugs into the back and you have perfect reception straight away. Seriously, if you own a late model VW and your in the market for an in-dash system that does everything, the 2011D would have to be at the top of your wishlist! Very impressed.